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Task Force URE
Mission Statement

Task Force: URE
(Ukraine Relief Element)

The mission of Task Force URE, is to provide humanitarian workers operating in and around Ukrainian borders with much needed supplies. We provide Ukrainian civilian and American Veteran extraction when needed. There is currently a high demand for supplies such as Celox, Tourniquets, Israeli Bandages and much more.

It is our goal to:
-Acquire medical supplies via donations or purchase.
-Provide safe and timely transportation of medical assets to Humanitarian efforts in and around Ukraine.
-Aid in providing communication and information for individuals seeking to assist from different regions of the world in either Humanitarian or Ukrainian military elements.
-Provide a safe and vetted opportunity for volunteers to travel to Poland and aid in all efforts to help Ukraine.
-Provide a safe pathway for members to return home, should they decide to leave.
-Extraction of Ukrainian civilians.
-Extraction of American Veterans in Ukraine.

What we will not do:
-We will not send any members or volunteers across the border without safe passage.
-We will not send any members to military groups that haven’t been properly vetted.
-We will never force any of our members to participate in an assignment that they don’t feel comfortable with.
-We will never keep anyone against their will. This is a volunteer humanitarian organization